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You can see a list of recommended extensions using Show Recommended Extensions , which sets the @recommended filter . Extension recommendations can either be :

Show Recommended Extensions Workspace Recommendations Other Recommendations

See the section below to learn how to contribute recommendations for other users in your project.

VS Code extensions may have very different configurations and requirements. Some extensions contribute settings to VS Code, which can be modified in the Settings editor. Other extensions may have their own configuration files. Extensions may also require installation and setup of additional components like compilers, debuggers, and command line tools. Consult the extension's README (visible in the Extensions view Details window) or go to the extension page on the VS Code Marketplace (click on the extension name in the Details window). Many extensions are open source and have a link to their repository on their Marketplace page.

To make it easier to automate and configure VS Code, it is possible to list, install, and uninstall extensions from the command line . When identifying an extension, provide the full name of the form publisher.extension , for example ms-python.python .


You can see the extension id on the extension Details window next to the extension name.

The Extensions view search box supports filters to help you find and manage extensions. You may have seen filters such as @installed and @recommended if you used the commands Show Installed Extensions and Show Recommended Extensions . There are also filters to let you sort by popularity and ratings and search by category (for example 'Linters') and tags (for example 'node').

Here are the Extensions view filters:

If no filter is provided, the Extensions view displays the currently installed and recommended extensions.

You can sort extensions with the @sort filter which can take the following values:

Extensions can set Categories and Tags describing their features.


You can filter on category and tag by using category: and tag: .

Supported categories are: [Programming Languages, Snippets, Linters, Themes, Debuggers, Formatters, Keymaps, SCM Providers, Other, Extension Packs, Language Packs] . Surround the category in quotes if the category name is more than one word (for example, category:"SCM Providers" ). Tags may contain any string so review the Marketplace to find helpful tags.

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Shivam Shah

Amidst a tumultuous 2016 season, in which Denver saw itself regress to a 9–7 record, the buzz surrounding the starting quarterback position remained constant. Trevor Siemian, the fill-in guy, versus Paxton Lynch, the Elway-chosen heir to the throne. Throughout his 2-year career, the afterthought Siemian rose from the scout team quarterback, to starting quarterback of the defending Super Bowl champions, and temporary successor of NFL legend Peyton Manning. An impressive ascension for a 7th round draft pick. The responsibilities on Siemian’s plate were relatively pedestrian. At the very least, he had to duplicate the level of play by Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning from the previous season, while riding a bruising rushing attack and a stifling defense to victory. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl winning blueprint from the previous season did not last long. The Broncos watched running back CJ Anderson go down with a season-ending meniscus tear, and their rush defense plummet from 3rd to 28th. Trevor Siemian now had to be more than just a game manager, and he did just that.

Surprisingly strong numbers for an inexperienced 7th round pick in his 1st season as a starter. Scapegoating Siemian is simply unfair when you consider the extenuating circumstances. He was thrust into the severely outdated Kubiak offense with an underachieving offensive line and an overrated backfield. Ronnie Hillman was the leading rusher for the Broncos in 2015, not the 18 million dollar man CJ Anderson. No disrespect to Anderson who has shown flashes of potential, but at this stage in his career, he hasn’t proven himself to be a stable anchor in Bronco backfield. Devontae Booker, who pushed Hillman out of Denver, struggled heavily especially after stepping in as a starter following Anderson’s season ending injury. Despite the glaring foundational flaws in the offense, Super Bowl expectations loomed over Siemian and that became the standard of judgement towards Siemian’s performance. The reality is that he was basically a rookie quarterback on a short leash with a cardboard offensive line and no running game. If Siemian was in the position of Paxton Lynch, or any 1st round selection tabbed to be the quarterback of the future, and put up numbers like this, he would be heralded as a future superstar in the NFL.

Siemian’s “rookie” season is in line with, or significantly better than some top tier quarterbacks. Just for comparison, Ryan, Newton were both named Rookie of the year and all of the quarterbacks above were drafted #1 overall with the exception of Ryan (#3 in 2008). Like all young quarterbacks, Siemian struggled greatly at times to jumpstart an otherwise anemic offense. However there is an undeniable level of poise, calmness, and fundamental fluency in his game. Overall, he’s the complete opposite of the gunslinging Paxton Lynch. Siemian shows impressive patience in his reads, makes smart decisions with the football, and throws one of the prettiest spirals in the league complete with an innate sense of timing and an artistic touch.

For the future, Siemian is the best bet for Denver. A smart passer with a high football IQ and only 25 years old. Paxton Lynch possesses greater size, arm strength, and athleticism compared to Siemian, but has come off as extremely raw and evidently will need more than a few years to reach his potential. Lynch possesses all the measurables that make NFL GM’s drool, 6’7, 245 pounds, an impressive 4.86 40 yard dash for his size. However as history has shown, investing in impressive size and measurable numbers rarely pans out. For every Ben Roethlisberger, there’s a countless number of Andrew Walters or JaMarcus Russell type flops. For now, however, the player that puts Denver in the best position to rebound is Siemian, and from a long term standpoint, he seems to possess the true intangibles needed to be a leader. Former teammate DeMarcus Ware and Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis have both expressed confidence in him along with many of his current teammates. Siemian’s teammates adore him, and being in such a position only translates to better team chemistry and productivity. Sitting in a locker room full of guys that actually want to go out and make plays for you is a predicament that a select number of quarterbacks can relate to. Assuming that Anderson can remain healthy and return to his 2014 Pro Bowl form, Ronald Leary and Garrett Bolles can rejuvenate the offensive line, and the defense can remain consistent, Siemian and the Broncos should return to the playoffs with a bang in 2017–2018.

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